TN 3 (03-01)

RM 01361.002 Finder Input Data for Request for Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement (JOB ESREQ)

The information in this section is not applicable while mailing of the Social Security Statement is suspended. See information on accessing earnings information using the MySocialSecurity web portal in OA 00205.010.

A. Description of Forms

Forms SSA-7004-SM-OP1/OP2, SSA-7014, and facsimile of forms SSA-7004-SM-OP1/OP2 are keyed in the data entry keying job "ESREQ." The job consists of two program levels:

Program Level



The Block Record (PL1)


The Detail Record (PL2)

B. Procedure

1. Omitted Information

  1. Review the request before keying the data. Do not key a request if any of the following information has been omitted:

    • Number holder's name (NH) – See RM 01340.029

    • Number holder's Social Security number (SSN) – See RM 01340.030

    • Number holder's date of birth (DB) – See RM 01340.031

    • Address of the person/organization to whom the statement is to be mailed (AD) – See RM 01340.038

    • Signature of the number holder or authorized representative - See RM 01340.040

  2. If block 11 or the block above the number holders name on prior editions of Form SSA-7004 are checked, the form must be coded and/or keyed as an "SL" special unless the form is printed in the Spanish language. If the form is printed in the Spanish language and block 11 or the block above the number holder's name is checked, process as a routine request. See RM 01361.125.

  3. If the name, social security number, date of birth and/or address has been omitted and a telephone number is available, conduct direct contact to acquire the omitted information.

  4. If a telephone number is not available contact directory assistance. If they are unable to assist you with a valid number, forward the request back to the number holder for the missing or incomplete information.

    NOTE: Destroy the request if an address is not available and direct contact was not successful.

  5. If you receive more than one request for the same person and they are identical, process both requests.

2. To Open a Batch of “ESREQ” – Logon to Lifeworks

  • IIBDCS user ID

  • IIBDCS password

  • Enter “N” for “NO” to the message “DO YOU WISH TO RUN OPERATIONAL KEYER STATION?”

  • Depress “ENTER” to select LIFEWORKS STATION (Utilize arrow keys to select LIFEWORKS if necessary.)

  • Depress “ENTER” for the operational function

  • Select “ENTER” to continue the path.(A hummingbird will appear. Wait for several seconds, the hummingbird disappears.)

  • Enter your USER ID (3 Letters) and depress SHIFT TILDE (~) (Located at the top left on Keyboard.)

  • On the Status Line:

    • Depress “END”

    • Key “E”

    • Key the Jobname “ESREQ”

    • Key a comma (,)

    • Key the assigned “Range Number”

    • Depress the “Enter” key

3. To Suspend or Complete a Batch

a. To Suspend A Batch

To suspend a batch, log-off from Lifeworks then:

  • Select end “XS”

  • Depress the “END” key

  • Depress “ALT F4” to exit. You will receive the message “this will end your x window session.”

  • Depress “ENTER”

  • Depress “ALT S” to reselect Lifeworks or exit

  • Depress “ALT S” to select a new station or exit.