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RM 03809.039 Scouting Cases Involving Multiple Postings for the Same Employer and Period

A. Quarterly Reports Involved

  1. Scout to the report(s) (per RM 03809.007) to determine the reason for the multiple posting.

  2. If there are two or more postings from the same “Original” report, and;

    1. Duplicate pages were processed, prepare adjustment to cancel the page in accordance with RM 02200ff.

    2. Duplicate amounts were posted but only one amount is on the “original” report (processing error), prepare adjustment to correct the processing error per RM 02200ff.

    3. Two separate items were reported by the employer, attach a copy of the page(s) of the report which includes each item to the scouting request form.

  3. If exact duplicate quarterly reports were processed and no previous action has been taken to cancel the duplicate report, cancel one report per RM 02000ff.

  4. If partial duplicate reports were processed:

    1. Make any possible corrections (processing errors) per RM 02000ff.

    2. If no corrections are possible, include the totals for each report with the scouting.

  5. Annotate the “Remarks” column of the SSA-7009 or other scouting request form to reflect any findings or actions taken.

B. Annual Reports Involved

  1. If duplicate annual reports are involved, check the MEF printout to determine if electronic offset occurred as stated in RM 03809.006 B.1.

    1. If the MEF printout reflects that offset has been made for the period in question and the:

      1. Earnings on record agree with the allegation, no further scouting is necessary. Annotate the appropriate scouting form “electronically offset” and return the case to control.

      2. Earnings on record do not agree with the allegation, itemize and identify employers for the period in question before returning the case to control.

    2. If the MEF printout does not reflect that offset occurred:

      1. Check the appropriate exception listing in EPB to determine if any corrective action has been initiated per the instructions in RM 02031.004-RM 02031.008.

      2. If the wage item appears on the appropriate listing and the listing is annotated to show that either corrective action has been taken or no action is necessary, enter “complete” on the case and return it to control.

      3. If the wage item does not appear on the appropriate listing, make any possible corrections per RM 02000ff.

      4. Annotate the appropriate scouting form to indicate that the exception listings were checked.

  2. If Partial Duplicate Annual Reports are involved, apply the instructions in B.1.b.1)-4) above.

    NOTE: Partial duplicate annual report postings cannot be electronically offset. However, these postings may appear on the “Duplicate Posted Items List” generated at the end of each posting year and forwarded to EPB for investigation and correction. (See RM 02031.005.)

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