TN 11 (09-87)

RM 03809.006 Scouting from the MEF Printout

  1. The following is general information about the Master Earnings File (MEF):

    1. Detailed earnings information processed after the 28 posting cycle must be secured from the Master Earnings File (MEF). This includes all earnings processed for 1978 or later years and all delinquent reports, adjustments, reinstatements, etc., for years prior to 1978 processed after the 28 posting cycle.

    2. In most instances, a MEF printout should be requested via the electronic control system. Instructions for manually securing an MEF printout, an exhibit of one, and an explanation of the information contained on it can be found in RM 03900ff., Accessing the Master Earnings File.

    3. All scouting to the 1086 film must also include a check to the MEF printout for the latest posting information.

    4. All computer generated Forms SSA-1826, Itemized Statement of Earnings, will include information from the MEF printout if itemization for the periods 1978 or later is requested.

    5. Utilize the itemized information on the MEF printout for 1978 and later years in the same manner applied to an SSA-1826 for prior periods.

  2. The following type of scouting functions can be performed from the MEF printout:

    1. Duplicate annual postings for the same employer can be detected. Effective with the 1983 posting year, all annual exact duplicate original W-2 and all annual exact duplicate corrected W-2 postings are electronically offset. Duplicate offsets are reflected on the MEF printouts as credit items. The offsets reflect the microfilm reference number of the related duplicate items. The legend “Dup Offset - (Year)” is shown in the “Remarks” field and “Posting Adjustment” is shown in the “Type” field of the Detailed Earnings portion of the MEF display. If the above legends are shown, apply the procedure in RM 03809.039 B.1.

    2. For years prior to 1978, the MEF printout can be used to reduce the amount of clerical itemization necessary to resolve a disagreement case. Check the yearly totals and QC pattern for the year(s) in question. If the earnings on record:

      1. Agree with the allegation, no further scouting is necessary. Annotate the “Remarks” column of the SSA-7009 or other scouting request form “Complete. Allegation Agrees With Record” and return the case to control.

      2. Do not agree with the allegation and:

        1. No earnings are shown and the QC pattern shows 4 “N's”, there is no need to check the 1086 microfilm. Scout for the missing earnings per RM 03809.030.

        2. Earnings are posted to all 4 quarters, itemize and identify employers. Continue scouting per RM 03809.004.

        3. Some earnings are posted and the QC pattern shows a missing period(s), scout for the missing earnings per RM 03809.030 or RM 03809.034. In some cases, it may be necessary to itemize and identify employers before scouting for the missing earnings.

    3. After completing scouting in 2. above, recheck the allegation. If the allegation is:

      1. Met, annotate the “Remarks” column of the SSA-7009 or other scouting re