TN 5 (01-22)

RM 03816.011 Processing SER/SSI Interface Cases

  1. A. 

    Do not send these cases through functional scouting. Scouting should already be attached to these cases.

  2. B. 

    Review the material furnished by the field office to determine if sufficient evidence has been submitted to transfer the earnings from the SSI recipient's record per RM 03816.016. If the case material:

    1. 1. 

      Includes sufficient documentation to transfer earnings, have the earnings transferred to the correct record, if known, or into suspense per RM 03816.021. The authority for the transfer is the FO determination. Attach the determination to the adjustment document.

    2. 2. 

      Does not include sufficient documentation and the FO has:

      1. a. 

        Fully developed the case, leave the earnings posted to the record, prepare a closeout letter , close the case on the electronic control system and dispose of all material .

      2. b. 

        Not fully developed the case, initiate an “SWED” case to the field office per RM 03803.055.

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