RM 05103.000 Processing Forms I-157

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RM 05103.001General InformationBASIC 12-83
RM 05103.004Receiving and Controlling Forms I-157BASIC 12-83
RM 05103.007Examining and Grouping Forms I-157BASIC 12-83
RM 05103.010Processing Forms I-157 with SSN'sBASIC 12-83
RM 05103.013Screening Forms I-157 for Possible SSN'sBASIC 12-83
RM 05103.016Processing I-157's With Incorrect or No SSN'sBASIC 12-83
RM 05103.019Preparing I-157 Coding Sheet, Form SSA-3972BASIC 12-83
RM 05103.022Keying and Verifying Form SSA-3972BASIC 12-83
RM 05103.025Outputting Job “J157”BASIC 12-83

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