GN 00302.118 Second Priority Automatically Convincing Evidence of Age

A. Introduction

The chart below lists the documents in the second priority list of automatically convincing evidence. It also outlines the procedures to use to establish the DB when such evidence is present.

B. Rule

If records from the first priority list (see GN 00302.115) are not readily available (i.e., within 10 working days of the request), request evidence from the second priority list. Note that all documents in GN 00302.118D. must be domestic records.

C. No documentation required

It is not necessary to document the file regarding the nonavailability of evidence from the first priority list.


D. Procedure


IF one of the following second priority documents is in file...AND the DB alleged, the DB on the NUMIDENT, and the DB on other evidence in file are...AND any difference is...THEN...
  1. School records after age 20 and before age 55

The same


Establish the DB as alleged.

  1. Baptismal record made after age 17 and before age 55


Created only by spouse's allegation on prior application (see GN 00302.180)

Establish the DB as alleged.

  1. State census record established in 1925 (e.g., New York State)



Follow GN 00302.165-
GN 00302.170 to establish the DB.

  1. Domestic or Canadian delayed birth record established after age 54 showing as a basis a record listed here or in GN 00302.115 (unless it contains a DB discrepancy on its face)

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Not Material

Follow GN 00302.240 to establish the DB.

  1. Child's birth record established before the parent was age 31

NOTE: See GN 00302.180 if there is a discrepancy in child's birth record.

  1. Marriage records recorded before age 36 whether or not the minimum legal age is shown.

NOTE: See GN 00302.180 if there is a discrepa