TN 16 (09-93)

GN 00302.120 Corroborating Evidence of DB in SSA Records Where No Numident Record Exists

A. Introduction

Described below are SSA records which can be used to support the DB shown on documents submitted by the claimant in those few instances where the NUMIDENT query indicates that the SSN is missing from the NUMIDENT file (see GN 00302.100C and GN 00302.100D). (See GN 00302.115F for situations where a marriage record may be used in lieu of an SSA record.)

B. Policy

1. DB on records

Unless the claimant has alleged a DB on the first or, if material, the second day of the month, the month/year entry on one of the SSA records in GN 00302.120C is acceptable absent any indication that the record does not pertain to the claimant.

NOTE: Include the NUMIDENT query response in file when another SSA record is being used.

2. Only E/R returned

When a claimant files on his or her own SSN, only the E/R will be returned if all ID input agrees with the date in the Office of Systems (OS) data base. Thus, the DB on the E/R is often the SSA record used to support automatically convincing evidence of age in the absence of a NUMIDENT.

3. First or second day of month involved

When a claimant alleges a DB on the first or, if material, the second day of the month (or is an SSI applicant whose first month of eligibility is the month of attainment of age 65) and the SSA record used is the E/R, among the other evidence of age must be a document at least 5 years old which shows month, day and year of birth.

Although month, day and year may be entered on the E/R, SSA electronically compares only the month and year against the DB entered in its record. Thus, the E/R does not necessarily corroborate a first or second day of the month allegation.

C. Description of SSA records

1. Available records

When no NUMIDENT record exists, the most readily available SSA records include:

  • The earnings record (E/R)

  • MBR

  • SSR

  • Microfiche

2. Payment records

Payment records such as the MBR, SSR, or microfiche reflect the entire DIB. The DB will normally be that which was alleged or proved at the time the claimant filed for benefits.

The DB shown on nonpayment records is usually extracted from the SS-5, and these records generally display only the month and year of birth.

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