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GN 00307.180 Gregorian/Julian Calendar

A. Background

Although most countries in Western Europe adopted the Gregorian calendar by the end of the 18th century, Eastern Europe did not convert from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar until early in the 20th century.

B. Policy

SSA assumes the Julian calendar was used and converts the date to the Gregorian calendar date if a document (other than a Roman Catholic record) was issued or recorded in Eastern Europe at the time the Julian calendar was used (see GN 00307.180D.).

SSA does not assume all documents or records made after the dates in GN 00307.180D. used the Gregorian calendar since some registrars continued to use the old calendar.

SSA assumes records issued in countries not listed in GN 00307.180D. show Gregorian dates.

C. Procedure

Convert a Julian calendar date to the Gregorian calendar date by adding:

  • 12 days to dates prior to March 1, 1900; and

  • 13 days to dates after February 28, 1900.

D. Exhibit

This chart gives information on the dates the countries listed converted to the Gregorian calendar and the calendar by which dates are shown on subsequent certifications.

Country Date Gregorian Calendar
Calendar by Which Dates Shown on Current Certifications Remarks
Albania 11/28/1912 Not available
Bulgaria 04/14/1916 As initially recorded
Estonia 02/14/1918 Gregorian
Greece 03/01/1923* As initially recorded *The Greek Government adopted the Gregorian calendar for civil records on 03/01/1923. The Church of Greece (the Greek Orthodox Church) adopted the amended Julian calendar (the dates correspond to the Gregorian calendar) on 03/24/1924, for church records.
Latvia 02/14/1918 Gregorian
Lithuania After 04/1915 Gregorian
Romania 04/15/1919* As initially recorded (Some certifications issued before 1950 may show both calendar dates.) Areas which were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire used the Gregorian calendar prior to 1919.

*The Romanian Church officially adopted the Gregorian calendar on 10/ 01/24.
Russia 02/14/1918 Gregorian Although the Russian authorities officially changed calendars in 1918, individual registrars particularly in remote
areas continued to use the old calendar for as long as 10 years.
Turkey 01/01/26 As initially recorded See remarks under Rumi calendar in GN 00307.899

12/01/1918 Civil records- Gregorian; Religious records-both calendars Areas which were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire used the Gregorian calendar prior to 1919.
01/15/1919 This refers to Yugoslav Macedonia, not the Macedonian areas of Greece or Bulgaria.

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