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GN 00312.028 Austria – Vital Statistics Records

A. Procedure for obtaining Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates from Austria

1. Office to Contact

a) Locate and contact the matriculation office (Standesamt) of the community in which the event occurred through the following Website:

  • Select the search term Standesamt from the drop-down menu.

  • Click on Abfragen

  • In the search box labeled Gemeinde, enter the name of the place where the event occurred.

  • Click on Abfragen

  • If a more specific location is needed, enter the name of the specific location.

  • Click on Abfragen

  • Use the contact information shown to obtain the vital statistics record ordering and fee information

b) It is possible to order Viennese vital statistics records online if the event occurred or was officially registered in Vienna.

Apply Online

2. Fee information for obtaining birth, marriage, and death certificates from Austria

Use the links provided in GN 00312.028 A.1. to obtain contact information for the Austrian Standesamt responsible for issuing the record. Contact that Standesamt for vital statistics records fee information. If applying online for a record of an event that occurred in Vienna, the Website above contains fee information.

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