GN 00504.000 Suspensions for Payee Development and Other Payee Actions

Subchapter Table of Contents
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GN 00504.100Determining the Need for a Successor PayeeTN 11 03-05
GN 00504.101Termination of Organizational or Individual Representative Payees Serving Multiple BeneficiariesTN 21 10-17
GN 00504.102Representative Payees Identified by the Fugitive Felon MatchTN 15 02-10
GN 00504.103Representative Payee Identified by the Prisoner (PUPS) MatchTN 11 03-05
GN 00504.105Direct Payment to Incapable Beneficiaries When Further Payee Development is NeededTN 9 03-97
GN 00504.110When We May Suspend BenefitsTN 18 09-11
GN 00504.150FO Processing of S8/S08 AlertsTN 14 08-07
GN 00504.160Required Contacts before Issuing Payments Following a Period of Suspension or NonpaymentTN 18 09-11
GN 00504.180Reappointment of Representative Payee after Correctly Terminating BenefitsTN 19 12-11
GN 00504.185Follow up on Questionable Representative PayeesTN 19 12-11
GN 00504.220Adoption of a Child Beneficiary and Representative Payee Actions NeededTN 19 12-11
GN 00504.240Representative Payee or Name Change for a Group of BeneficiariesTN 19 12-11
GN 00504.260Representative Payee Requests Waiver of Benefits (Title II)TN 9 03-97
GN 00504.270Reply to a Show Cause Order Advising the Social Security Administration of Potential Guardian AppointmentTN 19 12-11
GN 00504.300Referrals to State or Local Social Agencies For Payee AssistanceTN 19 12-11
GN 00504.310Referral of Cases with Specific Representative Payee IssuesTN 17 08-11
GN BOS00504.270Reply to a “Show Cause Order” Advising SSA of Potential Guardian Appointment (RTS 2-83 – 5/2003) 
GN PHI00504.100C Payment of Benefits Pending Investigation Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's DPW Facilities 
GN PHI00504.200Payment of Benefits Pending Investigation - State of Maryland Onsite Review Facilities 

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