TN 26 (04-23)

GN 00602.090 Exchange of Information with VA


The Veterans Administration has procedures similar to SSA's representative payee procedures for making payments on behalf of incompetent veterans. VA's term “fiduciary” is comparable to SSA's “representative payee.” For beneficiaries receiving payments under both benefit programs, the same individual or agency may or may not be selected as payee/fiduciary. There is no obligation for either agency to make the same selection. However, there may be a need to exchange information between the two agencies about evidence of incapability, identity of the representative payee, use of benefits, suspected misuse, etc. (GN 03313.001 and GN 03313.045 addresses disclosure of information to VA.) Usually, contacts between SSA and VA will involve field offices and VA regional offices.


To aid VA in assuring that no overpayment of VA payments occurs, we have agreed to supply appropriate VA officials, upon request, information as to the amount of Social Security benefit savings reported by the representative payee on the most recent accounting report.


VA Chief Attorneys or Directors of VA installations may submit requests, in individual cases, to FO's or PC's.

1. Response to Notification of VA Request

FO's will process title XVI and concurrent requests and the PC will process title II requests. One of the following multipurpose paragraphs should be used in responding to VA.

  • An accounting report has not yet been filed by the representative payee for Social Security benefits. When a report is received, we will comply with your request for savings information.

  • This is in response to your request for information regarding the amount of the personal funds conserved on behalf of the above named beneficiary by the representative payee for Social Security benefits. The most recent accounting report available is for the period        to _______ . The amount reported as savings at the end of this period was ______. Currently, the Social Security monthly benefit payment is__________.

The first paragraph should be used when the initial accounting period has not yet expired or when current information is not available. A copy of all communications with VA should be made part of the file.

2. Current Information Available

a. Title II Cases

The PC, in addition to checking and completing, will write to the representative payee advising them of the action. See NL 00703.344 for the appropriate notice.

b. Title XVI Cases

The FO will process the request for title XVI information and send the appropriate notice. See SI 01110.001 for resource limitations.

3. Current Information Not Available

If 15 months or more have elapsed since either receipt of an accounting report from the present payee or issuance of the first check to the present payee, notify VA that an accounting has not yet been received using the guide paragraph in GN 00602.090C.1.). Request an accounting report indicating that VA has requested savings information. When the accounting report is received, follow GN 00602.090C.2.

4. Initial Accounting Period Not Expired

Where it is not possible to comply with the VA request because the initial accounting period has not yet expired, in addition to advising VA, prepare a diary to serve as a reminder that a VA request is pending. The diary due date will be shown as the 17th month after issuance of the first check. The reason for the diary will be shown as “VA request for savings information.”

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