TN 19 (05-07)

GN 01070.810 Guidelines For Possible Direct Contact Use OEO DERO

Kinds of earnings problems

The following are examples of earnings problems that may be developed by DIRCON:

1. Disagreements (DI)

  • Missing, illegible or impossible SSN

  • Incomplete allegation – employer name, period, amount

  • No evidence

  • Incomplete evidence (e.g., SEI-1040, without proof of payment)

  • Permission to contact employer

2. Scrambled wages (SW/IR)

  • A signed statement from the client claiming/disclaiming posted earnings

  • SSN correction for other wage earner

  • Intentional multiple SSNs

  • Contacting employer for assistance in locating the individual to whom the disclaimed wages belong. Information that may be sought include:

    • Last known address and telephone number; and

    • Address and phone number of next of kin.

See RM 03844.009 for Benefit Earnings Technician direct contact procedures for scrambled earnings discrepancy (SWED) cases.

3. Earnings statements (ES)

  • Missing, illegible or impossible SSN

  • Incorrect date of birth or other identifying information

  • No return address

  • Span of questionable years omitted

  • Death certificate missing for third party request.

    Note: A death certificate is not required if:

    • The third party request is from the spouse of the deceased individual, and

    • The spouse’s name is shown on the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) of the deceased

  • Authorization missing for third party request

  • Missing or incorrect payment involved

  • Time limitation

  • Illegible request

4. Certifications (FE)

Same as GN 01070.810.3.

5. General miscellaneous (GM)

Refer to RM 05004.006 for handling correspondence containing insufficient information for processing or material damaged in the mail.

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