TN 36 (03-22)

GN 01070.810 Guidelines For Possible Direct Contact Use OEIO DEBS

Kinds of earnings problems

The following are examples of earnings problems that may be developed by DIRCON:

1. Disagreements (DI)

  • Missing, illegible or impossible SSN

  • Incomplete allegation – employer name, period, amount

  • No evidence

  • Incomplete evidence (e.g., SEI-1040, without proof of payment)

  • Permission to contact employer

2. Scrambled wages (SW/IR)

  • A signed statement from the client claiming/disclaiming posted earnings

  • SSN correction for other wage earner

  • Intentional multiple SSNs

  • Contacting employer for assistance in locating the individual to whom the disclaimed wages belong. Information that may be sought include:

    • Last known address and telephone number; and

    • Address and phone number of next of kin.

See RM 03844.009 for Benefit Earnings Technician direct contact procedures for scrambled earnings discrepancy (SWED) cases.

3. Earnings statements (ES)

  • Missing, illegible or impossible SSN

  • Incorrect date of birth or other identifying information

  • No return address

  • Span of questionable years omitted

  • Death certificate missing for third party request.

    Note: A death certificate is not required if:

    • The third party request is from the spouse of the deceased individual, and

    • The spouse’s name is shown on the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) of the deceased

  • Authorization missing for third party request

  • Missing or incorrect payment involved

  • Time limitation

  • Illegible request

4. Certifications (FE)

Same as GN 01070.810.3.


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