TN 2 (09-85)

GN 01704.746 Claims Packages for Canadian Agencies

A. Claims filed in U.S. nondesignated DOs or directly with OIO—Initial package

Initial claims packages are sent to the Canadian agencies by OIO in these cases.

1. Restricted to U.S.* 2. Not restricted or restricted to Canada
SSA-2960-U3-CQ requesting a Canadian coverage
a. SSA-2960-U3-CQ (requesting a Canadian coverage certification**)
b. U.S. earnings record (SSA-794TR or MCER)
c. CAN/USA 1 and/or QUE/USA 1 including certification of DCF and vital statistics data. (Prepare P/C for totalization folder.)
d. Canadian residence or medical evidence, if submitted by applicant

*Only if claimant is Potentially Entitled to Totalization (PET).

**Only if claimant is filing for U.S. benefits and is PET.

B. Claims filed in Canada

1. Claim filed in a province other than Quebec

Ottawa sends claims packages, including a Canadian coverage certification, to OIO. OIO forwards pertinent information to the DO servicing the applicant and requests that they complete development of the claim. The only material which Ottawa should routinely request from SSA is a copy of the U.S. earnings record.

2. Claim filed in Quebec

Quebec sends claims packages for persons filing in Quebec for U.S. benefits directly to one of the four U.S. border DOs servicing Quebec. At the same time, if the Regie des rentes du Quebec (RRQ) needs a copy of the U.S. earnings record, they request it separately from OIO.

C. Claims filed in a U.S. designated border DO

Initial claims packages are sent by these offices (see GN 01715.320) directly to the appropriate Canadian agencies. These packages include a copy of the U.S. earnings record. If the record initially provided is insufficient for Canada's needs, the Canadian agency requests a complete earnings record from OIO.

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