TN 3 (04-91)

GN 01707.205 Evidence Required for U.S. Totalization Benefits

A. Policy

1. General

When a person files for U.S. totalization benefits under the agreement with Germany, the applicant must submit the same evidence that would be necessary to establish a claim for regular RSDI (nontotalization) benefits. In addition, the applicant must submit the evidence in GN 01702.200 - GN 01702.230 and may wish to submit the evidence described in GN 01707.205A.2.

2. Unverified periods of German coverage

Although most German coverage records are complete, some workers may be entitled to credit for certain unverified periods which are not shown on their German records. In order to receive credit for any unverified periods, the claimant must submit evidence that the German agency can use to correct its records.

B. Procedure

OIO will forward any evidence of unverified periods of German coverage to Germany when it requests a record of German coverage.

C. References

Explanation of the evidence needed to establish unverified periods of German coverage, GN 01707.212

Actions necessary when applicant indicates work in Germany on U.S. application, GN 01702.310 - GN 01702.525

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