TN 3 (03-97)

GN 01708.125 Interim German Coverage Records

A. Policy

The German liaison agencies usually do not send a coverage certification until they have conducted a thorough search and can provide a complete record. However, on occasion, they furnish an interim or incomplete record. Sometimes, these interim records contain sufficient German coverage to process the U.S. totalization claim. (See GN 01708.230 for when to request an interim record.)

B. Procedure

Follow these procedures to process an interim or incomplete German coverage certification.

  • Credit the German coverage following GN 01708.115.

  • If the worker is insured for U.S. totalization benefits based on the amount of coverage certified by the German agency, process the totalization award and inform the German agency via an SSA-2960-U3-GE that their interim record was sufficient and that additional German coverage information is not needed.

  • If the worker is still not insured based on the interim German record, inform the German agency, via an SSA-2960-U3-GE that the interim record that they furnished was not sufficient and that the full record is required. Do not disallow the claim based only on an interim record. Diary for an additional 120 days and inform the claimant of the status of the claim.

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