TN 6 (10-22)

GN 01713.125 Eligibility for Belgian Benefits under the Agreement

A. General

The agreement provides that Belgium will count a worker’s U.S. coverage when determining eligibility for Belgian benefits if the worker:

  • Is not insured based on Belgian coverage alone, and

  • Has at least 18 months of Belgian coverage.

1. Retirement and Survivors Benefits

Since a worker is insured for Belgian retirement and survivors benefits with as little as one year of coverage, Belgium will normally not need to consider U.S. coverage when determining entitlement to these benefits.

However, as indicated in GN 01713.020, miners and seamen are eligible for unreduced Belgian retirement benefits at an earlier age than other workers if they have worked a specified number of years in those occupations. Under the agreement, U.S. periods of coverage based on work in the same occupation may be used to meet the applicable length of coverage requirement for the miner’s and seamen’s benefits.

2. Disability Benefits

If a worker has earned at least 18 months of Belgian coverage at any time before disability onset, but does not meet the recent coverage requirement for Belgian disability benefits, the worker’s U.S. coverage can be added to the Belgian coverage credits to meet the requirement.

B. Crediting U.S. Coverage

Belgium will credit three months of Belgian coverage for each U.S. quarter of coverage. However, Belgium will not credit any month that is already credited as a month of coverage under the Belgian system.

C. References

  • Belgian benefit eligibility requirements, GN 01713.020

  • Application for benefits under the Belgian agreement, GN 01713.215

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