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GN 01730.025 Austrian Liaison Agencies

A. Background

In Austria, 28 independent statutory institutions are responsible for administering the Austrian social insurance program. Six of the institutions are directly involved with the agreement and assistance requests may be received from any of the numerous field offices of these institutions. However, there is an umbrella organization, in Vienna, called the “Main Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions”. This is SSA's principal contact for purposes of implementing and administering the agreement and is therefore designated as the liaison agency. For ease of reference we call this agency HOS.

B. List of institutions

The following is a list of the institutions directly involved with the Austrian agreement.

1. Austrian Liaison Agency

Hauptverband der Osterreichischen
  Sozialversicherungstrager (HOS)
Kundmanngasse 21
A-1031 Wien

2. Other Austrian Insurance Institutions or Carriers

Pensionsversicherungsanstalt der
Angestellten (Pension Insurance Institute
for Salaried Employees) (PVANG)

Pensionsversicherungsanstalt der
Arbeiter (Pension Insurance Institute for Wage Earners) (PVARB)

Sozialversicherungsanstalt der
Gewerblichen Wirtschaft (Social Insurance Institute for Trade, Commerce and Industry)

Sozialversicherungsanstalt der Bauern
(Social Insurance Institute for Farmers)

Versicherungsanstalt der Osterreichischen Eisenbahnen (Austrian Railways Insurance Institute)

Versicherungsanstalt des Osterreichischen Bergbaues (Austrian Mining Industry Insurance Institute)

C. Procedure — Determining proper agency

Follow the procedure below to determine the proper Austrian office.

If you are... the proper office is...
sending a claim for Austrian benefits and/or initially requesting information such as an Austrian insurance (coverage) record HOS, in Vienna
following up on a prior request for information the office to which HOS has informed us that they sent our request. (If HOS has not given us that information, then follow up directly with HOS.)
replying to an assistance request from an office of one of the six insurance institutions listed in B above that specific office at the address they have provided

D. Procedure — Documenting agency jurisdiction

After HOS tells us which insurance institution has jurisdiction, record that information on a folder flash for the left side of the totalization claims folder.

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