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GN 01730.106 How to Evaluate Austrian Coverage Certifications

A. Introduction

There are some entries which must be shown on an Austrian coverage certification before it can be used to credit Austrian coverage.

B. Procedure

Take the following actions to evaluate Austrian coverage certifications.

1. Worker Identification

Utilize the worker's name, date of birth, U.S. SSN or other identifying information to ensure that the correct worker is identified on the coverage record or on the A/USA2 attached to the coverage record.

2. Direct Certification

Ensure that the coverage record was certified directly to OIO or FSP by one of the Austrian agencies listed in GN 01730.025, not through the claimant or third party.

3. Proper Certification

If a form A/USA 4 was used, ensure that it was properly certified in part 3 (including name and address of the agency, seal, date and signature). If not properly certified, return the form to the appropriate agency via a form SSA-2960-U3-AU.

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