TN 2 (04-23)

GN 01731.001 Overview of the Totalization Agreement with Finland

A. Purpose of the U.S. - Finnish Totalization Agreement

The social security Agreement between the United States and Finland:

  • Eliminates dual social security coverage and taxation of the same work; and

  • Permits workers (and their family members) to qualify for partial U.S. or Finnish benefits, or both, when they do not meet the normal insured status requirements.

B. Summary of instructions

The following sections provide:

  • A brief overview of the Finnish system; and

  • An explanation of the Agreement provisions; and

  • Instructions on how to take and process claims for both U.S. and Finnish benefits filed under the Agreement.

For more information on the Finnish social security system, visit the International Programs webpage. This webpage has various links to Social Security Administration (SSA) publications on U.S. bilateral international social security Agreements with foreign countries, including the Agreement with Finland, and to the websites of foreign social security agencies around the world. To find out how the Agreement eliminates dual coverage, see sections RS 02001.700 through RS 02001.745.

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