TN 38 (09-09)

GN 02402.095 Questions from Financial Institutions (FIs)

A. Introduction to FI questions

For general operating instructions about direct deposit and related topics, FIs have the Department of the Treasury's (DT) Green Book, which is online at . An FI or field office (FO) may obtain a copy by downloading it from the website.

Determine how to respond to certain questions from FIs by following the procedure in this section.

B. Procedure when you receive a question from an FI

1. SSA jurisdiction for some FI questions

Ask the FI to call 215-597-1134, the special staff at Mid Atlantic Program Service Center (MATPSC), for help with questions about a problem with any of the following:

  • Automated enrollment (called ENR or Quick$tart), a direct deposit enrollment transmitted from the FI directly to SSA’s systems (for more information see, Automated Enrollment GN 02402.106);

  • Notification of Change (NOC), a change in the type of account, routing number, or depositor’s account number that does not involve a different account (for more information about NOC, see Correcting RTNs and/or DANs GN 02402.105);

  • Prenotification (Prenote), a notice that SSA will soon begin sending payments to the account;

  • Death Notification Entry (DNE), a notice of the beneficiary’s death sent by SSA to the FI to which the beneficiary’s direct deposit payments have been going (for more information, see GN 02408.605);

  • Payment returned by the FI (unless you requested the return); or

  • Reclamation, unless you initiated the reclamation or Abandon Reclamation Request. (For more information about reclamations, see GN 02408.301 to GN 02408.800).

Handle in the FO, TSC, and PC any other FI questions concerning individual accounts.

2. Treasury jurisdiction for certain FI questions

Areas within DT's jurisdiction are:

  • Nonreceipt of the payment file on the day before the payment date,

  • Supplies of the SF 1199A,

  • Direct deposit of another agency's payments,

  • FI liability,

  • Payment record formats,

  • Payment schedules,

  • Returns,

  • Stop payment,

  • Substitute payment, and

  • Use of the FMS 233 by other agencies.

Refer questions within DT’s jurisdiction to DT's Customer Assistance Staff (CAS) that is closest to the caller.

Regional Financial Center


Kansas City




San Francisco


3. FI questions for Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) to answer

Refer the FI to its servicing FRB to report changes in:

  • Routing number, or

  • FI address.

A map of FRB districts is at .

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