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GN 02403.065 Resolving Discrepancies with Remittances and Field Office Remittance Transmittal (FORT) -- FO and PC Procedure


When a FORT/CCFORT and corresponding refunds are received in the MATPSC, the items are compared for discrepancies. If all information on those items agrees and is correct, no FO action is required. If the data on the FORT/CCFORT does not agree with the remittance, see GN 02403.065B.


Use the table below to show how both the FO and the MATPSC:

  • resolve discrepant items on FORT/CCFORT,

  • handle unacceptable remittances received on an FORT/CCFORT,

  • handle Replacement FORT/CCFORT and FORT/CCFORT over 60 days old, and

  • handle checks returned from the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) which originated in the FO.

These procedures also apply to the SSA-414-U3 for fees sent to Office of Finance (OF) or OEO.





  1. 1. 

    The account ID, Remittance Amount, or Credit Amount on the FORT/CCFORT differ from the remittance.


Contact the FO supervisor to resolve the discrepancy. If unable to resolve the discrepancy, photocopy the FORT/CCFORT, and the remittance/coupon. Circle the discrepant items on the original FORT/CCFORT. Draw a red line through the discrepant item on the copy. Process items not “red-lined” and return FORT/CCFORT and the copy of the questioned remittance to the FO.

If the telephone discussion does not resolve the discrepancy, review the FORT/CCFORT and the remittance photocopy sent from the PSC. Assess the quality of the receipting process and the preparation of the FORT/CCFORT in the office. Issue a corrected receipt.

2. A discrepancy, such as missing refund, or a refund received without an FORT/CCFORT, is found.


Contact the FO remittance supervisor to resolve the discrepancy. If the remittance supervisor cannot resolve the discrepancy, contact the office manager. If still not resolved, RAU will contact the jurisdictional Center for Security and Integrity (CSI).

Aid in resolving the discrepancy. Issue a corrected, or original receipt, if necessary. The remittance supervisor should record and control the reported discrepancy and its resolution.

3. The receipt number on the FORT/CCFORT differs from the receipt number on the remittance.


Line through the receipt number on the remittance and write the Receipt Number from the FORT/CCFORT on the remittance,

No action necessary

4. The discrepancy is resolved.


Make a copy of the FORT/CCFORT. Annotate the resolution in red ink on the FORT/CCFORT or on an attachment and return the photocopy to the FO.

Review the FORT/CCFORT upon return from the PSC. Assess the quality of the receipting process and the preparation of the FORT/CCFORT in the office.

5. A discrepancy cannot be resolved with the FO or recurring irregularities are noted with FORT/CCFORTS from the same FO.


Contact the jurisdictional CSI and notify them of the problem. Send a copy of the FORT/CCFORT and report of phone contact to the Integrity Branch.

Contact the Regional Insurance Program Staff for coordination with MATPSC management (if the FO does not agree with the errors found by the PSC).

6. A remittance is received in the PSC from the FO and the remittance/coupon is not acceptable for processing.


Make a copy of the FORT/CCFORT and circle in red the unacceptable item. Mail the remittance/coupon and FORT/CCFORT photocopy to the originating FO. Line out the unacceptable remittance on the original; forward original FORT/CCFORT for further processing.

Return the unacceptable remittance to the remitter and request a replacement. If the remitter submits a replacement check, or credit card request, ask the remitter to return the original receipt. Use the “REMITTANCE ID” field on the automated receipt record for cross-referencing the original receipt with the replacement. Transmit the replacement to the PSC as a new transaction.

7. An unsolicited replacement FORT/CCFORT is received (e.g., the FO has been told by the remitter that the remittance will bounce, and presents a replacement check).


Check the file for the original FORT/CCFORT (a copy will be attached to the replacement).



If the original FORT/CCFORT is present, process the replacement remittance (credit) and debit the first remittance. Annotate on the original FORT/CCFORT that a bounced check may be returned and contact the FO.

Notify the remitter to contact his/her bank to ensure that a stop payment order is processed on the first refund. Process the replacement refund.


If the original FORT/CCFORT is not present, check the remittance register or an MBR/SSR to see if the remittance was applied.

If the original transmittal copy is not present but the remittance was applied, return the new remittance to the remitter and annotate the FORT/CCFORT accordingly.


If yes, return the Replacement FORT/CCFORT and remittances to the FO.

If no , process the Replacement FORT/CCFORT and file the original of the FORT/CCFORT with the photocopy of the first FORT/CCFORT and place in a separate folder.


8. A FORT/CCFORT is received which is over 60 days old.


Contact the jurisdictional CSI to determine what action to take.

Follow the guidance provided by the jurisdictional CSI.

9. A check is returned from the FRB and it is title II or title XVI and it originated in the FO.


Locate the FORT/CCFORT, and line through (do not obliterate) the returned item in red. Annotate the reason for return, photocopy the FORT/CCFORT, and return the remittance, a photocopy of the FORT/CCFORT with the returned item lined out and the reason for return annotated in red, to the appropriate FO.

Contact the remitter for a replacement. If a replacement is submitted, issue a new receipt and FORT/CCFORT.








Forward a copy of the returned remittance (front and back) with an explanation of the reason for return. to:

Mid-Atlantic PSC
P.O. Box 3430
Philadelphia, PA 19122-9985



  • Preparing a Replacement FORT/CCFORT When the PSC Indicates Nonreceipt of the Original FORT/CCFORT, GN 02403.060

  • Processing Remittances in FOs, MSOM DMS 003.006 and MSOM DMS 003.007

  • Correct/Delete FO Receipt, MSOM DMS 003.022

  • FO Remittance Transmittal Request Process, MSOM DMS 004.006


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