TN 26 (08-11)

GN 02406.210 Nonreceipt of Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR)

A. An overview of IAR

When a claim is allowed and the system is aware that an IAR authorization is in effect, it sends notification of the recipient’s award to State and local agencies involved with the repayment. Shortly after notice to the agency systems sends the first SSI payment or retroactive check.

With the implementation of the eIAR System on 11/25/2010, once the FO completes the Pre-Effectuation Review (PERC) and actions to adjudicate the claim, and the UPV of V is established on the SSR, the electronic IA reimbursement process of most IA cases is triggered. The state agency is requested to electronically submit payments made through the eIAR System. Once the State Agencies submit their payments made through the eIAR System, the SSI system will then automatically determine the reimbursable amount, pay the state agency via direct deposit, and automatically process the underpayment and installments, according to the priority of payment rules to release underpayments. As present policy dictates, state agencies have 25 working days to report IA payments made. If the state agencies do not report the IA payments, the SSI system automatically processes the underpayment according to the priority of payment rules.

B. Processing claims of IAR nonreceipt

1. Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) nonreceipt requires the Supplemental Security Income (SSR) to reflect that an IAR payment was issued to the State Agency.

Transmit nonreceipt of IA payments made to State agencies only when instructed by the Regional Office Interim Assistance Reimbursement coordinator:

  1. a. 

    A representative of the State agency that advanced the funds alleges that the payment was not received; and

  2. b. 

    SSR shows IAR payments issued (PMTH PAYFLAG 3 = 1)

IMPORTANT: When the payment type is “4,” the IAR indicator is not always reliable.

2. How to transmit nonreceipt

  • Use the SSI nonreceipt system to process nonreceipts. For completion of the 719N screen for IAR payments, see SM 01315.177. Also, see Missing Check (UPMC) completion of the MSSICS screen for IAR payments MSOM BUSSR 003.013.

  • Reissue the check via A-OTP to the IAR agency. Include the complete IAR agency address on the One-Time Payment Address (UPOA) screen per MSOM BUSSR 003.0023.

C. When recipient contacts the field office alleging nonreceipt

If the recipient contacts the field office alleging nonreceipt of a payment and the SSR (Miscellaneous Payment Data (MPMT) segment, GRC = P or G) indicates the payment was sent to the agency:

  1. 1. 

    Contact the intended receiving agency to determine

    • if the agency received the check, and

    • if the agency did receive the check, when the recipient can expect to receive his portion.

  2. 2. 

    If the agency did NOT receive the payment, input the nonreceipt per GN 02406.210B.2.

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