TN 14 (04-00)

GN 02406.220 Failure to Receive a Claims Package or Forgery Determination -- Followup

A. Procedure - Failure to Receive a Claims Package (FMS-1133)

  • FO/TSC: Query the PHUS or Q query to ensure the proper stop code was input (remember, a K-stop does not produce the full claims package, i.e., no FMS-1133, and FMS-1133 should NOT be photocopied). Re-input if necessary using the appropriate stop payment or nonreceipt code; otherwise, forward the message via MDW to the PC OAS Staff (for title II) or contact the RO (title XVI) for followup;

  • RO Analysts/PC OAS Staff: Query Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) to determine if claims package was sent. If sent, the claims package should be received within 5 mail days.

  • If claims package has not been sent, contact DT customer service staff to obtain status of the claims package.

  • If package was sent and if 5 mail days have elapsed, call DT and ask them to send another claims package.

B. Procedure - Followup on Forgery Determinations

If the claimant inquires about the status of a forgery investigation, SSA will make every effort to respond immediately.


  1. a. 

    For assistance with general routine cases, contact the Department of the Treasury’s payment management call center (855-868-0151).

  2. b. 

    Refer to the RO Analyst or the PC OAS Staff for assistance.

2. RO Analysts, PC OAS Staff

  1. a. 

    Query TCIS for status of forgery claim.

  2. b. 

    If query does not provide necessary information, call the team telephone numbers in DT for assistance. Do not call the FMS analysts on their direct telephone numbers. This will ensure that all calls are logged for workload tracking and that every request receives attention.

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