TN 28 (12-11)

GN 02406.810 Processing Center (PC) Nonreceipt of Payment Action for Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Cases

A. Handling claimant inquiries in the PC

  • Assign priority status to non-adjudicated claims.

  • Provide claim status when claimants inquire directly to the PC.

  • Inform the claimant of the status of the claim if the PC receives the inquiry directly from the claimant.

  • Answer SSA related questions and inform beneficiary that future notifications and correspondences will come from the RRB.

  • Instruct individuals to contact RRB for inquiries with initial claims. However, once the payee begins to receive checks from RRB, the payee may direct inquiries to either RRB or SSA.

  • Attach a copy of the PC reply to a copy of the inquiry and forward to RRB. If you are unable to transmit via the Social Security Automated Data Transfer System, attach copies of the inquiry and PC replies to the SSA-3103 (SSA Certification of Title II Monthly Benefits to RRB for Payment or Adjustment).

B. Handling field office (FO) inquiries and post adjudicative actions

SSA will respond to these inquiries and inform RRB of any potential action concerning benefits. When you reply to FO inquiries

  • Include the status of the claim, the date the certification data was transmitted to RRB, the action taken, and any other information to assist the FO.

  • Staple a copy of the reply to the inquiry and forward to RRB. Annotate the railroad employee's name, railroad claim number, and SSN on all correspondence.

  • File a paperless copy of the inquiry in NDRED and send a paper copy to RRB.

  • Complete the SSA-3103 (SSA Certification of Title II Monthly Benefits to RRB for Payment or Adjustment) when certification data has already been sent to RRB (If benefits have been certified to RRB through the system, an SSA-3103 is not needed. Certification data is needed only on an SSA-3103 if benefits were not certified to RRB through MCS or MADCAP, see SM 00835.620).

  • Attach a copy of the inquiry and PC reply to the SSA-3103.

  • Refer identified critical cases to the appropriate Inquiry and Expediting (IE) Staff in the PC, Office of International Operations (OIO), or the Division of Sensitive Inquiries or Module Processing in the Office of Disability Operations (ODO).

  • Do not certify any payments to Treasury for a beneficiary whose payment is or will be certified by RRB.

  • Send material concerning initial claim cases and post-adjudicative actions to:

    U.S. Railroad Retirement Board
    844 North Rush Street
    Chicago, Illinois 6061-20921

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