GN 02408.000 Stop Payments and Reclamations

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GN 02408.001Check and EFT Stop-PaymentsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.002Glossary of Stop-Payment and Reclamation Terms for Checks and EFT PaymentsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.003Stop-Payment Chart for E, F, and W-Stops Input on Title II and Title XVI Checks and EFT PaymentsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.004General Information on Stop-Payments for ChecksTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.005Check Stop-Payments in Non-Entitlement Due to Death SituationsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.006Title II and Title XVI Check Operations Re-Engineering Effort (CORE)TN 18 11-08
GN 02408.007Title II Paper Check Payment Issued to a Representative Payee after the Death of a BeneficiaryTN 16 08-08
GN 02408.012Manual E-Stop Process for ChecksTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.020Stop-Payments for ChecksTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.022Automated F-Stop Process for Title XVI Checks OnlyTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.025Manual F-Stop Process for a Courtesy Check Issued Due to a Nonreceipt ClaimTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.301Title II and Title XVI Check ReclamationTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.302Abandon Reclamation Request Needed on a CheckTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.400EFT Stop-PaymentsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.405Stop-Payment Needed and the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) is InvolvedTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.410Recouping Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments Unable to be ReclaimedTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.600General Overview of EFT ReclamationsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.605Death Notification Entry (DNE)TN 18 11-08
GN 02408.610Overview of the Reclamation Process for Title II and Title XVI EFT PaymentsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.620Manual EFT Reclamation Requests and ExclusionsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.625Financial Institution’s Liability for EFT ReclamationsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.626Processing the Notice of Reclamation (FMS-133) and the Request for Debit of the FI’s Account (FMS-135) for Title II EFT PaymentsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.630SSA Contacts Last WithdrawersTN 21 02-14
GN 02408.645Debiting the FI’s Account for EFT ReclamationsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.650Title II Beneficiary Receiving EFT Payments Dies After the End of the Month but Before the Payment DateTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.660Non-Entitlement Due to Death (NED) ReportTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.665Financial Institution (FI) Returns Incorrect Payments to SSATN 18 11-08
GN 02408.670Incorrect EFT Payment is Refunded by an IndividualTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.700Erroneous Death Termination Involving EFT PaymentsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.710Date of Death Incorrect on Record with EFT PaymentsTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.720Dual RecoveryTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.750FI Notifies SSA of Possible EscheatTN 18 11-08
GN 02408.800Abandon Reclamation - EFTTN 15 08-07
GN 02408.900Recovery of Title II International Direct Deposit (IDD) Payments Incorrectly Issued After Death of BeneficiaryTN 22 02-16
GN 02408.901Who Processes an International Direct Deposit (IDD) ReclamationTN 22 02-16
GN 02408.905When International Direct Deposit (IDD) Reclamation is not AppropriateTN 19 12-08
GN 02408.910Starting the International Direct Deposit (IDD) Reclamation Process in the Office of Earnings and International Operations (OEIO)TN 22 02-16
GN 02408.912Process When the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo Processes a ReclamationTN 19 12-08
GN 02408.915Process when the Office of Earnings and International Operations (OEIO) is Responsible ReclamationsTN 22 02-16
GN 02408.920International Direct Deposit (IDD) Payment Reclamation Forms and the International Treasury Services Application ( 22 02-16
GN 02408.925International Direct Deposit (IDD) Reclamation Process at the Kansas City Financial Center (KFC)TN 20 09-09
GN 02408.930International Direct Deposit (IDD) Reclamation Process for a Federal Benefits Unit (FBU)TN 20 09-09
GN 02408.935International Direct Deposit (IDD) Reclamation Process for a Foreign BankTN 19 12-08
GN 02408.940Refund to SSA While International Direct Deposit (IDD) Reclamation Is Pending at a Foreign BankTN 20 09-09
GN 02408.945Partial Recovery or No Recovery of International Direct Deposit (IDD) PaymentsTN 19 12-08
GN 02408.950Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) Reflects an Entitled Survivor on the Deceased International Direct Deposit (IDD) Beneficiary's RecordTN 19 12-08

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