TN 5 (04-21)

GN 03105.020 Locating Missing Claims Folders

You may need to locate a prior claims folder for processing of a current action, such as an appeal, a court case, or a continuing disability review. The Seattle Region hosts an Automated Folder Location (AFL) website, which can assist you in locating electronic and paper folders. If you cannot locate the folder, reconstruct the folder as instructed in GN 03105.010. Document all queries utilized and all efforts made on the AFL site’s “unable to locate” form or Report of Contact (RPOC or DROC) screen.

Comparison Point Date (CPD) folders for pending electronic continuing disability reviews may not require reconstruction as explained in DI 81010.242.

A. Locating electronic folders

To determine if an electronic folder exists, the AFL website provides tabs for searching eView, the Claims File User Interface (CFUI), and the Non-Disability Repository for Evidentiary Documents (NDRED).

For an overview of eView, see DI 81005.005.

For information on NDRED, see GN 00301.310.

B. Locating paper folders

If a paper folder exists, the AFL system will present a worksheet showing all potential locations for the folder. Also, consider searching:

  • previous names;

  • beneficiary’s and representative payee’s previous addresses (the folder could be in an FO servicing a previous address);

  • cross-referenced Social Security numbers;

  • concurrent folders;

  • pending files;

  • closed files; and

  • boxes awaiting shipment.

To request a folder from the storage facility, use the Processing Center Action Control System (PCACS) for a Title II folder and automatic recall (AR33) for a Title XVI folder. For information on PCACS, see MSOM MS 04901.001. For information on AR33, see SM 01201.055.

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