Disclosure/Confidentiality of Information

Chapter Table of Contents
GN 03301.000 Law and Regulations - Disclosure/Confidentiality
GN 03305.000 Disclosure With Consent
GN 03311.000 Privacy Act and FOIA Fees
GN 03312.000 Disclosure for Law Enforcement Purposes
GN 03313.000 Disclosure to Federal Agencies and Officials
GN 03314.000 Disclosure to State and Local Agencies and Tribal Authorities
GN 03315.000 Disclosure Concerning Deceased or Missing Persons
GN 03316.000 Disclosure to Administer SSA Programs and Other Miscellaneous Disclosures
GN 03320.000 Tax Return Information
GN 03325.000 Disclosure and Verification of Social Security Numbers (SSN)
GN 03330.000 Subpoenas and Court Orders - Disclosure
GN 03340.000 Access to SSA Records
GN 03345.000 Correction of SSA Records
GN 03350.000 FOIA and Privacy Act Denials and Appeals

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