GN 03345.000 Correction of SSA Records

Subchapter Table of Contents
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GN 03345.001Correction of SSA Records - GeneralBASIC 09-91
GN 03345.005Requesting Correction or AmendmentBASIC 09-91
GN 03345.010Routing Correction Requests - PolicyBASIC 09-91
GN 03345.011Acknowledging Receipt of Correction RequestBASIC 09-91
GN 03345.012Reviewing the Correction RequestBASIC 09-91
GN 03345.013Making the Requested Correction or Amendment - ProcedureBASIC 09-91
GN 03345.015Refusing to Correct or Amend a RecordBASIC 09-91
GN 03345.016Privacy Act Appeal of Decision Not to Correct or Amend A Record - PolicyBASIC 09-91
GN 03345.020Statements of Disagreement With SSA RecordsBASIC 09-91

Conversion Chart

Conversion Chart
Old POMS ReferencesNew POMS References
GN 03303.001GN 03345.001
GN 03303.005GN 03345.005-.013
GN 03303.010GN 03345.015-.020

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