Representation and Representative's Fee

Chapter Table of Contents
GN 03910.000Representation of Claimants
GN 03913.000Individual Registration for Appointed Representative Services and Direct Payment of Fees
GN 03920.000Administering Representatives Fees Provisions
GN 03925.000Appointed Representative Fees Internet Registration
GN 03930.000Fee Authorization Under the Fee Petition Process
GN 03940.000Fee Authorization Under the Fee Agreement Process
GN 03943.000Implementation of Increased Maximum Dollar Limit on Fee Agreements
GN 03950.000Administrative Review of Fee Authorizations Under the Fee Petition Process
GN 03960.000Administrative Review of Determinations Under the Fee Agreement Process
GN 03970.000Suspension or Disqualification of Representatives
GN 03980.000Conflict of Interest
GN 03990.000Equal Access to Justice Act

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