RS 02201.000 Statute of Limitations - Procedures

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RS 02201.001Establishing and Maintaining Earnings Records (E/R's)TN 4 09-85
Revisions Before Expiration of Time Limitation
RS 02201.002Investigation Started Before Time Limitation Has ExpiredTN 4 09-85
RS 02201.004Claim for Benefits or Request for Revision is Withdrawn or Not PursuedTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.005Effect of Coverage Determinations - PolicyTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.006Effect of SEI Determinations on PartnersTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.008Exceptions to the Statute of LimitationsTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.009Limits on Development of Wages After Time Limitation ExpiresTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.010Application for Benefits or Written Request for Revision of RecordTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.012Error Apparent on Face of RecordTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.013Crediting Wages Where Employer Reported Less Than Correct AmountTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.014Transfer of Items to or From RRBTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.015Fraud — E/RTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.016Crediting Wages Where No Entry of WagesTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.017Conforming SSA Records to Tax Returns of WagesTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.018Conforming SSA Records to SE Tax ReturnsTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.019SE Tax Returns Filed After Expiration of SSA Time LimitationsTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.020Correction to a Self-Employed Person's Earnings Record in the Sixth District, Grigg v. FinchTN 4 09-85
RS 02201.022Reports of Wages or SEI Made for Wrong Period or IndividualTN 4 09-85
RS 02201.025IRS Statute of Limitations — Tax Assessments, Refunds and CreditsTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.026Including SEI in Place of Erroneously Reported WagesTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.027Including Wages in Place of Erroneously Reported SEITN 5 12-92
RS 02201.030Suspension of the Statute of Limitations Due to Military ServiceTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.032Notice of Deletion or Revision DownwardsTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.034Relationship Between Statute of Limitations and Rules of Administrative FinalityTN 5 12-92
RS 02201.035When Prior Earnings Determination is Not Reflected on an E/RTN 4 09-85

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