RS 02807.015 Interviewing Procedures

When information obtained during the initial or subsequent interviews indicates the provisions in RS 02807.005 are met, briefly explain to the claimant the normal claims processing time frame (up to receipt of the first benefit check) and the preliminary payment provisions. Advise the claimant that if election is made for payments under the preliminary payment procedure, evidence needed for a final determination must be received before the 4th preliminary payment check is due to be issued, to avoid an interruption in benefit payments (see RS 02807.001).

If any of the minimum evidence requirements contained in RS 02807.010B.-RS 02807.010H. are not met, advise the claimant what evidence would meet the minimum evidence requirements for preliminary payment. Tell the beneficiary such evidence must be received prior to the expiration of the 15-day time frame. (RS 02807.025)

Also explain that if preliminary payments are made and it is later determined that the payments or any part of them should not have been made, the claimant will be expected to refund the total erroneous payment amount (see RS 02807.050E.) and will be required to sign a statement agreeing to do so.

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RS 02807.015 - Interviewing Procedures - 12/13/1989
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