RS 02807.020 Securing the Preliminary Payment Request

Any proper applicant (see GN 00204.003) or his authorized representative may request preliminary payments. A signed Form SSA-1877 (Request for Expedited Payment) will be secured (see Exhibit 1, RS 02805.099). Annotate on top of the Form SSA-1877 “Preliminary Payment-Section 205(q)(3).” Obtain a Form SSA-795 (Statement of Claimant or Other Person) from the claimant stating he or she understands that:

  1. A. 

    the minimum evidence requirements must be met to receive preliminary payments,

  2. B. 

    preliminary payments will cease after three checks have been issued if the evidence required for a final determination has not been received, and

  3. C. 

    any erroneous payments made to the individual resulting from the preliminary payment request must be refunded.

Receipt of the Form SSA-1877 will be immediately acknowledged in writing by the office receiving the request (Part III of the Form SSA-1877 should be used for this purpose). Controls will be established in accordance with RS 02805.020.

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