RS 02807.035 Payment Method

When the DO/BO determines a claimant has met the applicability requirements and minimum evidence requirements for preliminary payments, it will initiate payment via the Critical Payment System (CPS) (see RS 02803.050).

The DO/BO will complete a SSA-3263 (Critical Payment Direct Input) under existing procedures for the first payment and to establish a payment record for subsequent checks (see SM 00635.001). In the Type of Payment (TPT) field of the SSA-3263, enter C03. This will suppress the CPS notice and generate the remark: PRELIMINARY PAYMENT on the CPS output documents. A special notice must be prepared and released by the DO/BO (see RS 02807.099, Exhibit 1), and copy of the notice must be made for the file. The Nature of Problem-Reason For Critical Case (NPF) field should be completed as follows:

  1. A. 

    Preliminary Payment Requirements Met

  2. B. 

    MBR Data Not Applicable - Initial Claim in DO

  3. C. 

    SSA-1877 Dated   (date)   will follow

On Part II of the SSA-1877 under the preprinted notation “Original claim or notice field” annotate “CPS Payment Input   (date)   .”

NOTE: When the TPT of C03 is entered, the CPS will automatically stop payment after the third check has been released.

After the initial payment transaction has been processed by the CPS, the DO/ BO will forward a photocopy of the SSA-1877 to the processing center special address for critical cases (see RS 02805.025) using an SSA-1671 as the transmittal (see MSOM Part 6, Chapter 234-C).

In the “Summary,” indicate “205(q)(3) Case - Preliminary Payments - CPS Input.” Retain the original SSA-1877 and SSA-795 statement with the claim. Additionally, a listing is to be prepared using the SSA-5015-U2 with code 553. This listing will be used by OISP staff to periodically assess preliminary payment policies and procedures.

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