Basic (03-82)

RS 02815.001 General

Telephone calls received in the processing centers involve a wide range of problems varying from those which can be resolved by a simple claims status report, to those which require immediate attention to prevent a serious hardship to the claimant.

Telephone calls from members of Congress, the Office of the Regional Commissioner and the Office of Public Inquiries should be given top priority attention. When a situation has reached the point that the Central Office of the Social Security Administration must get involved, it is usually because a beneficiary has not been able to obtain a satisfactory solution from a DO or PC. The service the beneficiary or his representative receives at this point will no doubt leave a lasting impression of the Social Security Administration.

District office telephone calls on non-critical case issues which are not emergency or supersensitive and which are not covered by the TELSTAT procedures will not be acceptable. In emergency situations DO managers may call Inquiries Staffs per RS 02805.025.

The Inquiries Specialist should represent SSA tactfully. Where possible, answer the questions or issues at the time of the call. Adequate claims information should be recorded for subsequent processing.

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