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RS 03001.300 Post-Entitlement Actions for NMISSS Beneficiaries

A. Policy for Northern Mariana Islands Social Security System (NMISS) beneficiaries

You can identify master beneficiary records (MBRs) that include NMISSS beneficiaries by:

  • the presence of the “N Mariana Island” entry in Account data, or

  • the Special Message “Northern Marianas Islands SS BENS INVOLVED.”

NMISS beneficiaries are generally E or D beneficiary identification codes (BICs) receiving 70 percent of the primary insurance amount (PIA) or childhood disability beneficiaries (CDBs) receiving 60 percent of the PIA. NOTE: There is no child-in-care requirement for NMISSS BIC E benefits.

B. FO and WNPCS procedure for NMISSS beneficiaries

1. Field Office (FO) actions

The Title II Redesign System cannot automate actions on NMISSS records. Post-Entitlement Online System (POS) inputs for actions such as change of address, direct deposit, death termination, and work reports generate an exception that requires processing center (PC) action via the manual adjustment, credit, and award data entry (MACADE).

FOs should continue to input PE changes in POS, but must also send either:

  • an email to ||SF ARC PCO OSB, or

  • a fax to 510-970-1424 to request manual action by the Western Program Service Center’s (WNPSC’s) Operations Analysis Section (OAS) regardless of the MBR processing center office code (PCOC) jurisdiction.

2. WNPSC actions

WNPSC OAS processes MACADE inputs for NMISSS beneficiary actions excluded from automated processing.

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