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DI 13006.005 Requirements for an Age-18 Redetermination

A. Statutory requirement for an age-18 redetermination

Under Section 1614(a)(3)(H)(iii) of the Social Security Act, we must redetermine the eligibility of individuals who were eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) based on disability in the month before the month in which they attained age 18. This redetermination generally occurs during the one-year period beginning on the individual’s 18th birthday. The age-18 redetermination uses the rules for determining initial eligibility for adults. The medical improvement review standard (MIRS) used in a continuing disability review (CDR) does not apply to an age-18 redetermination.

B. Who is subject to an age-18 redetermination?

The requirement for an age-18 redetermination applies to anyone who attains age 18 on or after August 22, 1996 and received SSI benefits as a disabled child. For additional information on the policy for attainment of age, see GN 00302.400.

C. When do we process an age-18 redetermination?

The law requires us to conduct a disability redetermination within one year of the SSI recipient's 18th birthday or, in lieu of a CDR, whenever we determine that an age-18 redetermination was required and had not been initiated.

The field office (FO) must make every effort to initiate an age-18 redetermination:

  • prior to the recipient’s attainment of age 19; or

  • later if an age-18 redetermination was not performed prior to the recipient’s attainment of age 19.

For additional information on processing an age 18 redetermination, see DI 13006.025.

NOTE: Prior to the FO sending an age 18 case to the Disability Determination Services (DDS), the FO must ensure a status change from disabled child (DC) to disabled individual (DI) on the SSI record, see DI 13006.010A4. To create a record in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) for an age-18 redetermination, see DI 81010.232.

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