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DI 13006.010 Field Office (FO) Actions to Identify Age-18 Redetermination Cases

A. Identifying cases that require an age-18 redetermination

The FO should use the procedures below to review and identify cases that require an age-18 redetermination.

1. Disability Control File (DCF)

The Office of Systems loads age-18 redetermination cases into the DCF and create a continuing disability review (CDR) alert, see MSOM CDR 001.001. The cases will appear on the jurisdictional FO’s pending medical CDR list.

2. Stars and Stripes the Next Generation (SSTNG)

The FOs can identify recipients that require an age-18 redetermination using the SSTNG website. For example, if a recipient is in SSTNG for an age-18 critical birthday redetermination (RZ), the FO will need to conduct the age-18 redetermination interview at the same time as the RZ interview. For additional information on RZs, see SI 02305.016.

3. Supplemental Security Record (SSR)

The FOs can determine when a recipient is due for an age-18 redetermination by reviewing the Diary Screen (DIAR) segment of the Supplemental Security Record (SSR) query for an attainment of age 18 (KB) diary, see SI 02309.003.

NOTE: A case is eligible for selection as an age-18 redetermination no earlier than two months prior to attaining age 18.

4. Review the claim folder

Review the claim folder to determine if the Disability Determination Services (DDS) or the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) made a medical determination or decision using the adult sequential evaluation after the recipient attained age 18. Usually, the date of the favorable disability DDS determination is an appropriate indicator if:

  • the date of the DDS determination is before the date the person attained age 18, assume the DDS did not apply the adult criteria; or

  • the DDS determination was on or after the date the person attained age 18, review the Remarks section on the form SSA-831, see DI 26510.095.

In addition, the Type of Master Record (TMR) data on an SSR query reply should reflect the change from disabled child (DC) to disabled individual (DI) status (For example, “TMR:DC, DI-mm/yy,” where mm/yy are the month and year following the month and year in which the individual attained age 18), see DI 81010.232. If the FO is uncertain whether the DDS applied the adult criteria, the FO should contact the regional office (RO) disability coordinator, see DI 13005.020I.3.

B. Current actions for using the DCF and SSTNG system

The FO must review or complete the following actions in the DCF or SSTNG system.

1. Review the DCF:

  • Age 18 cases in the DCF reflect as a Type 4 CDR (LBW/CHLD/18), with the category legend of “age 18/DDS”, and an event legend of “direct release”.

  • The DCF may occasionally contain cases that do not to meet the non-medical criteria for a disability redetermination. FOs should select Event 5 (SSR/MBR condition) and apply the current screen-out criteria with the exception “...a fully developed CDR by the DDS/ALJ done within the last 12 months.” For additional information on the age-18 redetermination screen out criteria, see DI 13005.020.

2. Complete the following actions for the SSTNG system:

  • The FO must coordinate processing the age-18 redetermination and RZ on the SSTNG website together. If the recipient is on SSTNG for an RZ redetermination, FOs must conduct the age-18 redetermination interview at the same time.

  • All cases, in which a “KB” diary is present due to attainment of age, requires a medical redetermination by the DDS.

    NOTE: If the SSI recipient receives an allowance for disability prior to attaining age 18, The FO and DDS must still complete the age-18 redetermination.

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