Basic (06-07)

DI 20502.005 Field Office Development

A. Policy

1. Field Office (FO) Process

The FO will defer nondisability development based on guidelines in DI 11010.025, until the Disability Determination Service (DDS) makes a favorable medical determination.

EXCEPTIONS: Exclude from deferred development technical denial cases, situations where the technical issue is critical to eligibility and cases that are highly likely to be allowed, such as terminal illness (TERI) and presumptive disability/presumptive blindness (PD/PB) cases.

2. Organization of the Certified Electronic File (CEF)/Electronic File (EF)

The CEF/EF is organized to conform to the design of the paper modular disability folder (MDF). The same color-coded sections found in the MDF are included in the CEF and EF, so the procedures for filing documents in the MDF also apply to the CEF and EF. (See DI 81001.005, DI 81001.025 and DI 70005.005 for policies and procedures related to filing and storing documents in the CEF, EF, and MDF sections.)

B. References

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