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DI 20502.001 General - Folder Content/Review


1. To Whom the Policy Applies

This policy applies to Field Office (FO) employees responsible for transmitting initial/reconsideration disability files to the State Disability Determination Services (DDS). This section has also been expanded to include folder content of reconstructed files.

2. The Policy

The FO is responsible for ensuring that files transmitted to the DDS contain all the necessary information, including the properly completed reports, in order to facilitate timely and accurate medical decisions.

3. Explanation

The official claims folder can be either a:

  1. a. 

    Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) (see DI 81001.015), or a

  2. b. 

    Paper Modular Disability Folder (MDF) (see DI 81010.125).

    There may also be an electronic folder (EF) associated with the MDF. An EF is created when a disability case is entered on the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS), which collects disability report information (e.g., SSA-3368 Disability Report Adult/3369 Work History Report, 3820 Disability Report-Child, 3441 Disability Report-Appeal).

    Data from Modernized Claims System (MCS) and/or Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System (MSSICS) is propagated to EDCS and establishes the electronic disability record. For receiving medical evidence in the field office, see DI 81010.125. For storing non-medical evidence in the electronic folder (EF), see DI 81010.135.

4. Effect of Electronic Certification

Once a State received electronic certification, the MDF was no longer prepared for EDCS cases transferred to the DDS (except for exclusions). Adjudicative documentation is stored only in CEFs, and CEFs, are the official agency records for electronic cases. (See DI 81010.030 for cases that are CEF exclusions, EDCS Exclusions and Limitations.)

After certification, CEF procedures apply to EDCS cases transferred from FOs to the DDS on or after the certification date.

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