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DI 26535.005 Types of Notices

This section provides the procedures and instructions for the preparation of Personalized Disability Notices (PDNs). The claimant, beneficiary, and/or representative has the legal and statutory right to be notified in writing of any determination made on his or her claim, the reason(s) for the determination, and his or her appeal rights if he or she disagrees with the determination. The Disability Determination Services (DDS) is responsible for preparing a notice to the claimant when a totally or partially unfavorable disability determination is made.


  • NL 00603.005, General Component Responsibility for Disability Notices.

  • NL 00610.001, Overview of Notice Language.

A. Computer generated notices

The DDS legacy system generates disability notices based on coded paragraph identifier input. The DDS is responsible for taking the following actions to prepare the notice:

  • Complete the PDN and any supplemental rationales using the DDS legacy system;

  • Ensure that the forms are signed with an approved electronic signature via the DDS legacy system (a handwritten signature is not required); and

  • Ensure that the DDS legacy system electronically dated the PDN upon case closure.

NOTE: Due to systems limitations, there may be times when no date appears on the paper or electronic (image) versions of the PDN.

To determine the correct date of the PDN when no date appears:

  • Open the case in eView;

  • Locate the PDN under Section B – Jurisdictional Documents and Notices (Red) in the Case Documents tab; and

  • Use the date in the “EF Received” column as the date of the PDN.

NOTE: When the Office of Quality Performance (OQP) selects a case for sampling the PDN is not dated until OQP completes its review. After OQP’s review is complete, the notice release date is displayed in eView in the “Notice Release Date” field, found under the “Case Review” link on the Case Data screen.


  • DI 81030.040, Review and Release of Notices – Certified Electronic Folders (CEF)

  • DI 81020.130, Electronic Case Closure

B. Manual notices

Many disability notices are produced by the SSA computer system based on coded paragraph identifier input. In other situations a manual notice is required when the claim is:

  • denied by the DDS. (personalized paragraphs cannot be merged with the paragraphs on SSA computer system); or

  • allowed and the computer notice is inadequate because the appropriate notice language is not programmed; or

A manual notice may be required for the following initial and reconsideration actions:

  • Disability denial;

  • Partially unfavorable allowances (e.g., unfavorable closed period of disability or unfavorable onset date);

  • Any other adverse decision that requires a personalized explanation

The various types of manual notices include:

  • form notice,

  • exhibit or model letter,

  • dictated letter, and

  • personalized paragraphs.


NL 00603.010, Types of Manual Disability Notices – Title II and Title XVI.

DI 28095.005, Types of Notices

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