DI 28055.000 Extended Period of Eligibility (EPE) Cases

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 28055.001Extended Period of Eligibility (EPE) and Related Medicare Provisions - GeneralTN 20 09-90
DI 28055.005How the EPE WorksTN 20 09-90
DI 28055.010Effect of EPE on Period of DisabilityTN 20 09-90
DI 28055.015Disabling Impairment Requirement and When to Address the IssueTN 20 09-90
DI 28055.020Identifying EPE Cases Which Require A DDS DeterminationTN 20 09-90
DI 28055.025DDS Evaluation and Processing of EPE CasesTN 20 09-90
DI 28055.030Preparation of Form SSA-833-U3 Impairment Severity DeterminationTN 20 09-90
DI 28055.035Due Process and Notice Requirements for DDS Impairment Severity CasesTN 20 09-90
DI 28055.040Special Instructions for Medicare Only CasesTN 20 09-90
DI 28055.045Model Language: Impairment Severity Continuance Notice - ExhibitTN 20 09-90
DI 28055.050Model Language: Impairment Severity Cessation Notice - ExhibitTN 20 09-90
DI 28055.055Model Language: Auxiliary (EPE) Cessation Notice - ExhibitTN 20 09-90
DI 28055.060Notice of Discontinued Continuing Disability Review (CDR) - ExhibitTN 20 09-90

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