TN 6 (03-24)

DI 28080.115 "301" and Extended Period of Eligibility Cases

A. "301" cases

1. Statutory Benefit Continuation (SBC)

SBC under P.L. 98-460 applies to medical cessations in which there may be a potential for continued benefits under Section 301 of P.L. 96-265 due to participation in a vocational rehabilitation (VR) or similar program. However, SBC is not applicable to an appeal of the "301" decision only.

In cases involving medical cessations, DDS offers election of SBC, even though benefits may continue under the section 301 provision.

2. Disability Determination Services (DDS) Actions:

  • For initial cessations (in lieu of a pre-determination) and reconsideration affirmations, the adjudicator prepares a personal denial cessation notice (PDN) with an associated disability determination explanation (DDE) and places it in the official case file.

  • The adjudicator prepares and releases the cessation notice with SBC rights to the wage earner and to any auxiliary(ies) not residing in the same household as the wage earner. Only the wage earner receives the complete notice. The auxiliary (ies) receive a modified notice.

  • When the final determination is released to the wage earner, the final determination includes the PDN and an associated disability determination explanation (DDE).

  • The DDS no longer develops “301” eligibility. The adjudicator returns all potential 301 cases to the field office (FO). The FO develops "301" eligibility, then forwards the case to the Office of Disability Operations. See DI 81020.250A.


For the appeals process for section 301 cases, see DI 14510.035.

B. Extended Period of Eligibility (EPE) Cases

For special notice instructions for EPE cases, see DI 12027.040 and DI 28055.000. After completing the notice, the adjudicator will route the folder to the FO.

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