DI 28084.000 Completion of Continuing Disability Review Determination Forms (SSA-832 and SSA-833)

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 28084.001Introduction and Sample Forms SSA-832 and SSA-833BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.005Identifying Information (Items 1 to 7)BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.010Adjudicative Level, Determination Findings, and Basis for Determination (Items 8 to 10)BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.015Reason for Cessation Codes (Item 11)BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.020Reason for Continuance Codes (Item 12)BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.025Vocational Rule and Vocational Background Information (Items 14 to 17)BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.030Why Review was Made (Item 20)BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.035Diagnosis Codes (Items 21 and 22)BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.040Diary Information (Item 23)BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.045Remarks and Multiple Impairments (Items 24 to 24B)BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.050Signatures, Dates, Specialty Name and Specialty Codes (Items 25 to 28 and Items 30 to 33)BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.055Letter/Paragraph Number (Item 29)BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.060List Numbers (Item 34)BASIC 10-15
DI 28084.065Disability Determination Services (DDS) Selections of Quality Assurance (QA) Sample Cases and Case ProcessingBASIC 10-15