DI 39536.600 EDP Budgeting Procedures -- General

Cost of EDP is a line item in the DDS annual budget and quarterly spending plan submissions. (See DI 39503.000 and DI 39506.000.) Requests for new EDP equipment and services must be supported by the appropriate documentation as given in DI 39536.210 and receive the appropriate regional office and Central Office reviews as given in DI 39536.235.

All requests for funding involving EDP equipment and services, whether involving new or ongoing functions, must be made in accordance with established budget processes.

Salaries and wages of DDS employees involved in the development of EDP Systems should be included in budgetary/spending plan projections as a “Personal Services” cost. Salaries and wages of State programmers or other State related personnel who are not DDS employees must be budgeted for under “Indirect Costs”. Costs of private vendor services involved with the development of EDP systems should be included as a part of the acquisition cost of the system, and included in the breakout line item “EDP new”. EDP maintenance changes should be included in the “miscellaneous” cost category.

Budget projections for EDP should be made as soon as the DDS has reasonable expectation of undertaking these EDP developments; the DDS should not delay budget projections until the full documentation required is completed.

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