DI 39503.000 DDS Budget Procedures

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 39503.001DDS Budget Procedures -- GeneralBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.020How the Budget Process WorksBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.100Workloads and ForecastsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.110Agency Work PlanBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.120Regional Office AssistanceBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.200Responsibilities and Requirements of the State for the Budget StandardsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.205How the DDS Budget is DerivedBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.210Role of the DDS AdministratorBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.215Techniques of Budgeting-Definitions -- DDSBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.220DDS Workpower AnalysisBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.225Use of DDS Work Sampling Data in Workpower AnalysisBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.230Workpower Analysis -- DefinitionsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.235Workpower Analysis IllustratedBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.240Fiscal Year 1975 FactsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.245Fiscal Year 1976 FactsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.250Fiscal Year 1977 FactsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.260Justification of Year-to-Year Changes in Workpower NeedsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.265Workpower Needs -- StaffingBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.270Nonpersonnel Costs -- DDSBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.275Indirect Costs (OMB Circular A-87)BASIC 03-86
DI 39503.280Supplemental Budgets -- DDSBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.801Submittal of Budget Request-Submittal MaterialsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.810Exhibit A-Workpower Analysis Summation-All ProgramsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.811Exhibit B-Personal Services-Average Salary by Position-All PositionsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.812Exhibit C-Medical Cost DataBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.813Exhibit D-Summary of Budget Data Related to Personal and Nonpersonal ServicesBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.814Exhibit E-Workload DataBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.815Exhibit F-Summary of Full-Time StaffBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.820Exhibits-Budgetary Forms and InstructionsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.821Form SSA-870, Budget Summary and CertificationBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.822Form SSA-4515 (Formerly SSA-870A) State Agency Budget List of Full-Time Positions for SSA Disability ProgramsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.824Form SSA-871 State Agency Schedule for Equipment Purchases for SSA Disability ProgramsBASIC 03-86
DI 39503.825Form SSA-872 State Agency Budget Approval for SSA Disability ProgramsBASIC 03-86
Budget Instructions for FY 1988 and 1989
DI 39503.901Budget Instructions for FY 1988 and 1989 -- General 
DI 39503.902Program Management -- DDS 
DI 39503.903Items of Consideration for DDS Budget Preparation 
DI 39503.904Format, Instructions and Exhibit Guidelines 
DI 39503.905Due Date and Approval -- DDS 
DI 39503.906Workload Data -- Exhibits 

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