DI 40505.205 Title XVI File Needed for CDR?

A. Operating policy

The DDS needs the CPD evidence, which is normally in the title II folder.

The title XVI file is not neededunless the CPD evidence is in that file. This is most likely:

  • In cases converted from State welfare rolls in January 1974, withouta Federal disability determination; and,

  • Cases in which the title II allowance was adopted from an earlier title XVI allowance.

NOTE: The DDSwill obtain the title XVI file if evidence is in the title II file but DDS finds the State plan CPD is also needed - DI 28075.200.

B. Procedure

If the title II file does notcontain the CPD medical evidence:

  • Look for indications of title XVI involvementper DI 40505.210 below.

  • Associate the files(or request FO to do so on an SSA-5526-U3) if title XVI file is located.

C. Related Procedure

See DI 40525.075 for reconstruction of lost folders if the CPD evidence is not located.

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