TN 2 (12-13)

DI 55005.001 General Questions about the Program Manager's (PM's) Role in the Ticket to Work Program


Social Security Act as Amended in 1999 §§ 1148(d)(1) and (3) and 1148(e);

Public Law 106-107; and Regulations 20 CFR 411.230 through 411.245

A. What is a PM?

A PM is a private or public organization that has entered into a contract with SSA to assist the agency in administering the Ticket to Work program. A PM must have expertise and experience in the field of vocational rehabilitation (VR) or employment services. SSA uses a competitive bidding process to select a PM.

B. Who are the current PMs?

SSA has hired two contractors to perform separate functions that together provide the services necessary to perform the PM's role.

  1. Beneficiary Access and Support Services (BASS)

    Booz Allen Hamilton serves as the BASS contractor to provide beneficiary support services to meet the objectives of the Ticket to Work program.

  2. Operations Support Manager (OSM)

    MAXIMUS serves as the OSM contractor to handle the operational functions for employment networks (ENs) for the Ticket to Work program.

C. What are the responsibilities of the BASS contractor?

1. Conducts outreach to beneficiaries and recipients

They manage an ongoing, nationwide effort for ticket holders on the advantages of participating in the Ticket to Work program. The BASS contractor:

  • conducts a telephone marketing program to inform ticket holders about the Ticket to Work program. For example, the Bass contractor calls newly awarded ticket holders to inform them about the benefits of the Ticket to Work program.

  • maintains a website that provides program related information. They also use social media such as Facebook and other blogs to communicate to ticket holders.

  • conducts work incentive seminar events to educate beneficiaries and recipients about the Ticket to Work program, work incentives, and other back-to-work and poverty-related issues.

2. Conducts a national beneficiary satisfaction survey

The BASS contractor conducts a survey that measures beneficiaries' and recipients’ satisfaction with their EN. The results of the survey are in the EN profile that beneficiaries and recipients receive when they have a ticket available for assignment.

3. Facilitates beneficiary and recipient access to ENs

The BASS contractor assists SSA in developing and executing strategies to facilitate ticket eligible beneficiaries and recipients access to ENs capable and willing to serve them.

4. Provides timely and accurate communication

The BASS contractor operates a helpline call center that assists beneficiary and recipients:

  • to understand the effects of work on benefits;

  • to access EN that may meet the caller's needs; and

  • by referring them for further assistance and counseling to Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) and Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security (PABSS) programs.

Field Offices, beneficiaries, and recipients may access the helpline contact information at choose work TTW and SSA work site.

D. What are the OSM contractor's responsibilities?

The OSM contractor:

  1. Recruits, evaluates, and monitors ENs and assists them in completing all necessary enrollment documents. (For more information about ENs, see DI 55010.001.)

  2. Reviews and, if necessary, makes recommendations for corrective actions on individual work plans (IWPs), and amendments to those plans. (For more information on Employment Plans, see DI 55020.001.)

  3. Facilitates and monitors active ticket participation by ENs. The OSM compiles and maintains information on ticket holders, an