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DI 81007.045 Receiving the i3820

A. The i3820 appears on the iWMI listing or the field office (FO) receives a cover sheet

If an i3820 appears on an Internet Workload Management Information (iWMI) listing or the FO receives a cover sheet, determine whether:

  • a lead or protective filing date has been established, or

  • a claim exists in the Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System (MSSICS).

For completing and reviewing the information on the SSA-3820, follow existing FO procedures in:

  • DI 11005.020 – Curtailing Completion of the SSA-3368 (Disability Report - Adult) or the SSA-3820 (Disability Report - Child) Forms;

  • DI 11005.037 – Applicant Forms Needed in Concurrent Claims; and

  • DI 11005.040 – Review of SSA-3368, SSA-3820 and SSA-3369.

1. MSSICS claim exists

If a claim in MSSICS exists:

  • Create a case in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) to propagate the i3820 to EDCS;

  • Review the propagated i3820 for completeness;

  • Contact the proper applicant, or third party contact to resolve discrepancies and collect any missing information;

  • Document changes in the EDCS 3820;

  • Secure an SSA-827 (Authorization To Disclose Information To The Social Security Administration); and

  • Transfer the claim to the disability determination services (DDS), when appropriate.

It is not possible to propagate the i3820 to EDCS if a case for the claimant is already pending at the DDS. (e.g., the claimant filed an earlier Title II claim that requires a medical determination). If a case for the claimant is already at the DDS, take the following actions:

  • Request an Internet query and print a copy of the i3820;

  • Compare the information on the i3820 to the EDCS 3820; and

  • Use the update-after-transfer (UAT) function in EDCS to record discrepancies or additional information not in file. For details on the UAT, see DI 81010.095.

2. MSSICS claim does not exist

If a MSSICS claim does not exist:

  • Request an Internet query for contact information;

  • Contact the applicant to establish a claim in MSSICS, if appropriate; and

  • Follow the procedures in DI 81007.045A in this section, after creating a claim in MSSICS.

NOTE: If a claim is not filed or a lead is not established after contacting the applicant, delete the report using the Internet query facility.

B. Applicant reports having used the i3820

If an applicant reports use of the i3820, use an Internet query to determine whether a:

  • Finally transmitted i3820 exists; or

  • An i3820 partial exists.

1. Finally transmitted i3820 exists

If a finally transmitted (submitted) i3820 exists, follow procedures in DI 81007.045A in this section.

2. i3820 partial exists

If an i3820 partial exists and the IU can access it with the reentry number:

  • Ask the IU to submit the i3820; and

  • Follow procedures in DI 81007.045A in this section.

If an i3820 partial exists and the applicant cannot or will not reenter to finally submit:

  • Use the Internet Query Facility to gain access to the i3820 partial;

  • Print and review the i3820 with the applicant;

  • Transcribe the printed i3820 into EDCS; and

  • Follow procedures in DI 81007.045A in this section.

3. No record of an i3820

If there is no record of an i3820 in the Internet Query Facility:

  • Follow current instructions in DI 11005.018. to obtain the SSA-3820 information; and

  • Key the information directly into EDCS.

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