TN 10 (09-01)

SI 00601.008 Terms Pertinent to the Application Process

A. Introduction

The terms below are used frequently throughout the Program Operations Manual System (POMS).

B. Glossary

1. Application effective date

The application effective date applies to applications filed on or after 8/22/96. It is the first date for which payments can begin. The application effective date is the first day of the month following the later of: the date the application is filed (including the protective filing date, if material), or the date the individual becomes eligible for such benefits. (See SI 00601.008B.8. for the definition of, “Filing Date”.)

2. Decision

A decision is a written notice of a formal action at or above the administrative law judge (ALJ) level.

NOTE: We use the word "decision" in all SSA notices because it has a clearer meaning to supplemental security income (SSI) claimants/recipients.

3. Determination

A determination is a judgment on a fact or a group of facts supporting a conclusion. Determinations are steps in the adjudication process and are made below the ALJ level.

4. Develop

To develop means to gather information and evidence. (Unless specifically stated, development does not require documentation as defined in SI 00601.008B.5.)

5. Document

To document means to place evidence and information used to support findings of fact and determinations in a SSA file or record on an electronic screen.

6. Evaluation period

The evaluation period begins with the filing date and ends with the month following the adjudication date month. (See GN 01010.001B.4. for the definition of the term, “adjudication date” and SI 00601.008B.8. for the definition of, “filing date”.)

EXCEPTION: For medical denials or allowances where no further development is required, the evaluation period ends with the date the Disability Determination Services (DDS) makes the systems input to either pay or deny the claim.

7. Evidence

Evidence is information used to establish a fact.

8. Filing date

The filing date is the earlier of the date on which SSA receives a valid application (see SI 00601.010B.1. for the criteria of a valid claim) or the date of a material protective filing date as defined in SI 00601.015. Also see GN 00204.007 for determining the date an application is considered received by SSA and GN 00204.008 for the policy on establishing a deemed filing date based on misinformation.

9. Protective filing date

The protective filing date is the date of an oral inquiry or written statement of intent to file (see SI 00601.020 for the policy on written statements and SI 00601.025 for the policy on oral inquiries).

10. Verify

To verify is to confirm an allegation or information in a document by contacting an independent source or by obtaining additional evidence.

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