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SI 00604.016 Name, Sex, Birthdate, and SSN - Question 1(a)

A. Policy

SI 00601.062 has instructions for verification of claimant identity.

B. Procedure

1. When/How To Complete

Complete for all claimants. Enter name, sex, month, day, and year of birth and social security number of the claimant. If both members of a couple are filing at the same time, enter the name and identifying information for only one member (either one) of the couple in these blocks.

2. Proof of Age

Proof of age is needed for child claims and may be needed for aged claims or for Title II purposes in some concurrent Title II-Title XVI claims. See GN 00302.010C to determine if age was previously established by SSA.

3. Social Security Number

a. Face to Face Interview

  • Leave the "SSN" block blank if the claimant does not have an SSN or does not remember it.

  • When the correct SSN is determined after the SSI application is filed, enter the SSN on the application and related forms. Make the necessary input to establish the supplemental security record (SSR) and other related forms as appropriate.

  • Complete a form SS-5 following the evidentiary requirements in RM 10210.010 when the claimant does not have an SSN or, information on the Numident is not correct, or the individual requests a replacement card.

NOTE: For U.S.-born children under age one, follow procedures in RM 10210.280.

b. Teleclaim

Follow the procedures in GN 00203.015C.e. when the applicant does not know the SSN.

C. References

  • GN 00302.001, General Information on Proof of Age Development

  • GN 00302.290, Proof of Age Requirements for SSI Claimants

  • RM 10235.035, Parts of the Alpha-Index Query Response

  • MSOM MSSICS 008.002, Client Identification Screen (ACID)

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